Excel Spreadsheet Error

I have a table in Excel that I'm trying to display in my Retool table. The table has 38 columns and 30k rows. When I run my application it displays nothing (the loading wheel goes away and nothing is displayed). However, when I trim my table down to 32 columns, retool is able to display the table. My table is using A:1 notation since I know retool has a 26 column limit otherwise. Retool is able to display over 26 columns up to 32, but nothing past that. Is this a limitation that retool has? Is there a setting that I can change to fit this? Thanks!

Hey @MSHarris!

Retool tables can display more than 32 columns, would you mind sharing more about your query/how you are passing the data to the table? The issue might lie in there somewhere. (Screenshots are usually very helpful!)