Everything "is not defined" even though it is

Hello, I seem to be getting a bug in the current app I'm developing, where everytime I call components to use, it always says that the component is not defined, even though it is

The code still works fine, but this makes it not possible for me to autofill and preview stuff.

This has never happened to me before, and when first working on the app the problem didn't exist, it only started showing after adding a graph component to the app, IDK if there is a correlation there.

Anyone know what this might be and how to solve it?

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Hi @jlGarcia Thanks for flagging this! Our team is looking into the (incorrect) linting error. I'll follow up here when we have an update

Hi, @Tess is there any update on this bug?

Thank you

Hi @mbgs I haven't gotten an update/timeline yet :disappointed: