Estimate on when newest features may be available to self-hosted environments?

Hi all! I'm wondering if there's a timeline for when the most recent features will be available for those of us on the self-hosted version of retool. Mainly the vertical nav and the workflows.

I totally get not wanting to make promises or inacurate predictions, but is there a ballpark? Like are we looking at days, weeks, or months? Super pumped for workflows!


Hey @Drew!

We are looking to release workflows over the course of H1! Folks use a variety of different deployments and we’re trying to target our release so that the largest groups of people can get access ASAP. If you fill out this typeform we can give you a more accurate timeframe for when you might have access!

Vertical nav is coming sooner :slightly_smiling_face: no set date there but it should be making it to self-hosted in the weeks following the break.