Errors while downloading file from API response

I have an API call that is supposed to download a pdf (or zip) file. It works in postman (clicking "Send and Download"), but it doesn't work using utils.downloadFile in retool. It either comes back with a pdf that has the correct number of pages (but all are blank) OR if I try the zip method, it says the file cannot be unzipped.

I think the issue is that the API response in retool is in the format {response: {data : {message: "....."}}}, but if I try just extracting the message is when it comes back with a blank pdf.

I'm sure it's something with the encoding, but I cannot figure out how to get this to work.

According to the API docs, the content-type for the response is application/binary.
THis works perfectly in postman, so I know there isn't an issue with my request configuration.

Can anyone help with this?

Hey @Britnee_Crawford!

Thanks for your question. Could you please provide how you're invoking utils.downloadFile? Also, can I ask which API you are using?