Error when running a query with ILIKE using Big Query

I am trying to run this query:
SELECT DISTINCT description FROM Finance.depenses WHERE description ILIKE ({{'%' + textInput2.value + '%'}}) ORDER BY 1
but I get this error:
Syntax error: Expected end of input but got identifier "ILIKE" at [1:71]
The query runs perfectly fine if I change the ILIKE for a LIKE.
Any idea why?

Hey @loicchabut35! Did using LIKE per Scott's suggestion help? :slight_smile:

@victoria @ScottR thank you for your answers.
However, I don't understand how my query isn't following the documentation that you sent. It seems that the LiKE syntax and the ILIKE syntax are the same, but my query works with LIKE but not with ILIKE...

I believe it depends on the database type! Some support both, some just support LIKE and some just support ILIKE. What database type are you using?

I am using big query, from Google.

Ah got it! Then in that case, you'll just need to stick with LIKE :slight_smile: