Error symbols (�) in response (PostgreSQL)


I have a PostgreSQL resource with SSH-Tunnel connection.

Connection working correctly, but some queries returns text with error symbols in random position (multiple calls to the same query return errors in different places).

For example, this query. structure is jsonb field.

select structure from article where id  = {{ articleDetail_id.value }}

What i`ve try to do:

  1. Set encoding in connection options

  2. Check this query in psql at server (has no � symbols)

  3. Check this query with python (i have an app with article content and its works correct, without �) Python app connects to postgres without ssh - its in docker, same as postgres.

  4. Check browser developer tools - retool query returns data already with �

  5. Change strucure field type to json and text

  6. Check postgres logs - no errors and SQL query comes to server without changes

None of this helped solve the problem.

Another queries sometimes returns � symbol, but due to the small number of characters the error is rarely reproduced.
In applied query i get long json text.

Is it possible that the retool SQL query wrapper is generating these errors?