Error: Relation does not exist – Please contact Retool for support

After renaming a table (with PK/FK relationships) in Retool Database I get a “Relation Risk does not exist” with the directive to contact Retool for support.

‘Risk’ was the name of the table before I changed it.

Can you help me out?

Can you post a screenshot of where you see this error? Is it in a query?

Hey Scott,

See screenshot. Happens the moment I open a browser window on my Retool Database.

Edit: I did not experience problems in working with the data yet

The first error where relation risk does not exist means you changed related fields or one related field that is associated with the same id in another table... maybe put back the name as it was and see what happens...Retool does cache information in the cloud so perhaps it takes some time to refresh... if you want to keep the name risk then take a look at other tables referring to it as it maybe be the reference back to "risk" that the tables are looking for.

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