Error on open Parens

I have code to build a schema in Postgresql and each time I run the code, the following error occurs:

  • error:"syntax error at or near "(""
  1. It would be useful to indicate what line this error is on
  2. the query debugger AI assistant says the code is error free.
  3. Do columns need to be in quotes in this editor to run properly?

This is the snippet

    matchkey varchar(20),
    merchant_id integer,
    household_id integer,
    source_customer_id integer,
    source_type varchar(30),
    first_name varchar(20),
    last_name varchar(20),
    create_date timestamp,
    last_update_date timestamp,
    last_update_type varchar(20),
    first_purchase_date timestamp,
    last_purchase_date timestamp,
    source_merchant varchar(60),
    postal_code varchar(5),
    zip4 varchar(4),
    scf varchar(3)

Hi @cedaly1968 Thanks for reaching out!

No need for quotes around the column names. I believe you'll need to remove the () around the columns to add and append ADD in front of each column.