Erasing row with localstorage

Hi i got the following app

when i click addline it adds a new row in localstorage and shows in table. I tried to create a js so when user click Delete button in a row, it should delete from localstorage only that record with this:

let items = {{localStorage.values.dataLocalStorage}} ?? [];
return items.filter(item => !==;

but is not working :frowning: record doesnt get remove, what im doing wrong

thank you

It looks like you are loading the localStorage into items and then your function returns a filtered version of items (returns it to where?). But you are not changing localStorage in any way.

You need to do something like localStorage.setValue(items.filter(item => !==;

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Instead of filter how I can remove item?

i tried this but getting the following

trying this but im getting the first row not the one i selected

localStorage.setValue() actually takes two parameters, the key and the value.

I tried this out myself and this works:

//jsAdditem query
let items = localStorage.values.tableData ?? [];
localStorage.setValue("tableData", [...items, {id: Math.floor(Math.random() * 10000), name: "Brad", bornState: "CA"}])
// jsRemoveItem query
let items = localStorage.values.tableData ?? [];
localStorage.setValue("tableData", items.filter(item => !==

Will try that, so I don't need to use set localstorage from click event when I press button add line