Environment theme

We're using Retool Cloud and have started using the Environments feature for our production & development environments.

The issue is that it's too easy to forget to check the small tag at the bottom left to see which environment I am on now, and I could easily trigger critical processes in the wrong environment.
The issue is highlighted as we give more and more people permissions to our apps.

It would be great if it was WAY more obvious which environment am I on by having the option to define a totally different theme for different environments.
This way I could have different backgrounds or buttons colors (e.g. red for production) which will immediately pop out and will make sure we don't make such mistakes.

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Use {{retoolContext.environment}} and then with that, in the app you can make the text large, change color of text, etc...

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Thank you Scott. Unfortunately, we have dozens of apps, with many different people who create them, so having to change each and every app (and every future app) to do so doesn't seem like a feasible solution.
A theme for every environment is exactly that without having to change every single app manually.