Environment switch without Edit permission

Hi Retool team,

Could you consider allowing the users without Edit permission to switch the environments?

Use case:
We have engineering team, QA team, product team, and operation team in the company.
We need permission role which is somewhat in between Edit and View for QA team and product team, because QA team uses QA environment to test the apps before going live and the product team uses staging environment to do the demo for user training.

Edit: the engineers can do everything including app creation, writing resource queries
View with env switch: QA team and product team cannot edit the app but can switch between the environments.
View: the internal users from the operation team can only use production environment

I'm aware this thread from the past: Access to multiple environments in viewer mode - #5 by Saurabh_Korgaonkar
We are using cloud hosting version of Retool.

Thank you!

Hey @ksobue, just so I can be clear on the ask here for writing up the internal ticket. What functionality is missing when you have the toggle enabled?

Hi @joeBumbaca , the ask is to make this toggle available in Retool Cloud. It looks this toggle is only available in Retool on-prem at the moment. Thank you!

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