Enviroment Change not possible

Hi there,

we upgraded our subscription plan to team today and want to use the enviroments.
In browser it works like a charme, but in my iOS Retool app i don't see a chance to switch between the enviroments. I use Retool Mobile App Version 3.43.0 Build 1219. My colleague use the app version 3.41.0 and can switch between the enviroments in the MainMenue.

On a Android device (use the Version 3.41.0 too) it also works.

Is that a bug or do i have to to some setting changes?

Kind Regards

Hey Hendrik,

Looks like new version had regression on this part.
I just made a fix and this should be fixed in next week's release.

Hi James,

is there a chance to get it shortly? We can't test our app on the endpoints since 2 weeks :frowning:



Thank you so much! We get the update in the morning at it works very nice!


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