Enquiries with multiple products

Hi, i am new to Retool and wanted to know how to present/handle the following scenario

An enquiry/order will have its own fields and attributes, and will also have multips products within it as child items and each product will have its own field attributes such as qty, product, price, etc.

The list of products can grow (+add more) and should only be saved to DB when the order is saved.

Ideally i wanted to use the table as a presentation layer but not sure how to handle it..

Any quidance will be highly appreciated..


Hi @montanauk, welcome to the community :hugs:

That sounds like a nice fit for the "Grouped Rows" feature on the new tables.

If you need to CRUD (create,read,update,destroy) products within an order I think a dual container design works best:

  • Left: all enquiries/orders (Ability to CRUD on order data)
  • Right: show all products of selected order and ability to CRUD

Does that make sense?

Thanks @minijohn

So you 're suggesting that i have 2 tables. Left for Enquiries/Orders and Right for the Products. ?

Can i also ask how to handle this when in Temporary state when nothing is submitted back to DB. When user is filling in the basket ?

Hi @montanauk, we're missing a bit of info here. Can you show what you have currently implemented and where the problem is?

Happy to ideate with a bit more to work with :slight_smile: