Endless query behaviour in a trigger

I have a trigger that updates a db table (PayData) using direct SQL. I have a query (PayQuery) based on PayData which underlies a table component (tableDetail)

The trigger has an Success event handler that executes a Control Query on PayQuery using the Trigger method. The idea is that when the SQL changes the table data, PayData will be refreshed, which will display the updated data on tableDetail.

However, when I trigger fires (i.e. I manually execute it), the trigger keeps executing the queries endlessly. I think it is re-executing the SQL, then the success query, then the SQL again, etc. The trigger appears to work; it just never stops.

Anyone know what might cause this behaviour? Why would the trigger keep firing.

Hi @trwald, Would you be able to share screenshots of these queries and your setup to help us get a better sense of your issue?