Enable Submit only when form dirty

I have read: An easy way determine if a form is dirty (user has changed something) - Community Show & Tell - Retool Forum and A way to tell if form fields in the app are dirty? - Feature Requests - Retool Forum but these seem predicated on auto form creation/having a table row associated with the data. I am pulling data in from MySQL and showing inputs related to different tables in the same form. I was hoping I could just disbale/enable form submit 'manually' by setting varFormPostAddEditDirty to true in each input's Change method:

then set Hidden for the submit button to be {{!varFormPostAddEditDirty}} (or similar on Disable submit for the form):

But can't get this to work - any ideas? I'm a bit surprised that Retool doesn't have this built-in as it's such a common requirement?!

I think you've done it correctly for your design, except that I think you need to reference the value property of your variable:

Hidden: {{!varFormPostAddEditDirty.value}}

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Doh - sorry! Thanks @pyrrho - now working beautifully in Disable submit on the form!

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