Enable socket for realtime query

I’m wondering if you guys handle realtime data change in the viewer setup (I know that you have multiplayer comming but I’m talking about front-end interface). Let’s say that we have two person at the same time using this integration:

I want that if someone add a car, the other guy in the same dashboard will se it appear on the table in realtime. I tried to search for retool with socket.io integration or to use realtime database such as firestorm but it seems every time I add a car, it’s only triggering the table in the current tab.

Sorry if it’s not clear, I hope you can help


@Felix_Lepage I'm sorry but we're not supporting realtime queries at the moment. It is something we're thinking hard about though. Maybe something will come next year!

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It's possible if you roll your own, but not out of the box.
I've done it with socket io and a postgres database using a lambda function. A backend was needed because I needed private channels and presence channels. Not code I'm allowed to share though.
Messy but it's achievable and I believe others have also had similar success - there was a guide to a simple implementation posted by someone

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