Empty string to nulls in form component

In my postgres database, in addition to not null, I enforce columns as not blank with LENGTH(TRIM("column")) > 0. This eliminates the mess of null or empty string queries pervasive to web apps. However, when using the form component of retool, it looks like there's no way of specifying null, it always uses empty string for a field that's blank. Am I missing a setting in the documentation that says something like 'send blank fields as null'?

Currently I'm borrowing the same idea of a transformer as setting blanks to nulls in table updates with

const data = {{ Form.data }};
_.forOwn(data, function(v,key) {
  if(v !== null && v.trim().length === 0) {
    data[key] = null;

return data;

If I have to create a duplicate a transformer for every form then that's what I have to do. I'm wondering if I missed a setting or another easier way to say 'empty strings in this form are null'

@Rory you are correct that there's no native form setting like the one you're describing. You could set null as defaults for individual components in your form (although null wouldn't work exactly, you'd need to use something like undefined).

Setting the form values to null does work, at least with SQL. Defaulting to null works with creation forms, but not editing forms. I'll write a transformer for every form where I need this.