Emoji Support in Text Area component

I have emojis written as "::" in my postgres database and I was wondering how one would parse this string to have it displayed in the text area component. Is there another component that supports emojis?

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Hey dellahumanita, our text components do support emojis if they are placed there as part of user input etc.

But right now we do not have a way to parse strings into emojis as they come back from the db. You could potentially write some custom JS that would parse this for you, but if you are checking many items for emojis, I would think this would come with a performance hit that would not be worth it.


Is there any update on this or any suggestion on how to parse the emojis?
I have emojis like ":partyingface:" coming from the DB.

Thank you!

Hey pedrocarloto! The recommendation remains the same, as the components themselves support emojis but the data comes back as a string from the db. This is likely not a huge lift If you don't have too many emoji options coming back from the db. You can create a JS query that contains an object with the mappings, and use it to parse the string into an emoji.\

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