Embedded Retool - Loading state

Can anyone help with some sort of loading state? I am embedding my retool app within a react app using react retool, however a loading state doesnt exist. The form is quite complex so it takes a few seconds to load (especially if you have a slow connection).

I have tried using "event.data?.type === 'intercom-snippet__ready'" with the event listener, however that seems to be passed at the very end of the process, making the "loading" state far longer than needed.

I have tried looking in event for anything but it doesnt seem to have a loading state or anything I can use to fudge a loading state.

I would have imagined "event.eventPhase" would have been the correct property, but it isnt.

Can anyone help?


Hey @Chris_Phillips!

Is it specifically the rendering of the components that you're waiting on or are there queries involved as well? I'm wondering if you might be able to use something like the postMessage util (docs) to signal to the parent window that your app is finished loading.