Embedded Google Doc functionality limited on ability to Assign Task on a checklist item in the document

I've successfully embedded a google doc into my app using the iframe component. It seems that pretty much all functionality is available from within the app, which is quite nice. I can interact with the document from the retool app.

However, I found one limitation related to the ability to "Assign a Task" on a checklist item within the google doc. When I highlight over a checkbox, I can see the Assign Task icon show up, but I'm not able to click and assign a user.

Here is an example image:

Screenshot 2024-04-12 122855

I have "Storage and Cookies", "popups" and "modals" enabled for the iframe component. Anybody know what is different about this feature within google docs that is not allowed from the iframe component? Any workarounds.

Hi @PaFi, if this is a limitation, I would recommend building this functionality in Retool.

You could create the necessary tables in Retool, export existing data from your doc to a CSV file, and quickly import it as a new table on Retool DB:
Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 3.32.38 PM

Just connect your tables using foreign keys. Then, create queries and components to interact with those tables.

For example:

  • users table with id, email, and name columns.
  • tasks table with id, title, and description columns.
  • assignments table with id, user_id, task_id, and status columns.

Just like with Google tasks, you can automatically email the user when a task is created, and attach task details on the email.