Email threshold

I am getting my workflow block on the email sending. Is the 30 email per hour the new limit on the retool side. Send emails | Retool Docs

This is the error message.
Error fetching data for send_email response: Rate limit exceeded for Retool Email. You can only send 30 emails per hour.

Even though I waited for a day and try to send email now, I still got the same error message.

Hi Debby! Yes, we've adding a new limit for Free users expected to be bumped from 30 -> 50 emails per day by EoD and are still updating docs. The 120/hr limit still applies on the paid plan.

Thanks for responding. For 30 or 50 email per day, is that rolling 24 hours. Or a day in which timezone.

Also, I have a followup question about how does retool calculate email count?
If I send the one email to with 10 to-emails and 2 bcc-emails, is that count 12 emails or 1 email?

  1. This is for rolling 24 hours
  2. Counts as 12 emails

@Debby_Lee Can you share feedback on the rate limit and your usecase? Curious if this change is disruptive. We're still trying to resolve what a good rate limit is for free users and this context would help!

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