Email notification for only fields that changed

Currently I have an application that is working. The application sends an email to the participants when a record has been updated. The issue that the users are having is that the notification includes everything in the record.

Is there a way to notate only the changes of the record in the notification or perhaps give a change summary at the beginning or ending of the email notification?

someone has to have a brilliant idea how to make this work. :slight_smile:

Store the loaded values in a variable, when the record is saved compare the new values to what you stored in the variable. Any that are the same disregard and build your email form what's left.

Thank you. Can you give me a bit of an idea how to do this comparison? I have created the variable for selected row of the table, just not sure when and how this compare will function.

You'll need to write some JS to recursively loop through all the keys in the object and pull out ones where the values are different or where the keys only exist in one or other of the objects you're comparing. The AI helper should get you a long way with that.

Alternatively post some screenshots and we can give you pointers