Editing table data

HI there
There are a couple of things that I would like to be able to do when editing data in a table:

  1. Hide the Cancel / Save Changes buttons, and deal with them via other buttons programmatically

  2. If the above is not possible, I know that I can add an event handler to deal with the Save Changes event. Is there an option to deal with the Cancel button programmatically. At the moment, I just get a fairly nasty looking system dialogue

  3. A related question - can I programmatically set the .allowMultiRowSelect property of a table, or is this read only? (I would like to be able to toggle between multi select and single select on a table)

Many thanks



Hey there :wave:

Unfortunately hiding those buttons is not currently possible. You could write some custom CSS to hide them, but as we make changes to Retool those CSS hacks may break at any time.

And in response to the allowMultiRowSelect property - that cannot be programmatically toggled.

I will move this thread to our feature requests since these are not currently options!

No problem - many thanks for the reply Lauren :grinning:

Has allowMultiRowSelect been updated to work programmatically yet? Or scheduled to be released soon?

Hey @ScottR!

This is possible now! You can set it dynamically as you would other fields in the table settings, just click on the fx button:

and then pass values in using {{}}

@Kabirdas thanks I get it now