"Edit" button in Share modal incorrectly labeled

When in Edit more for an app, clicking the blue Share button in the top right:

Retool bug - share

...opens a modal with options for sharing the app.

Therein is a blue button that says "Edit" with a prefix icon indicating it's a link that opens a new tab. Hovering this button is a tooltip, "Launch app in editor mode":

(^ Excuse the redactions making the area around the modal look weird.)

The problem? I'm already in Edit mode. And I want to go to View/Read-only mode... which is what the button actually does when clicked. So there's no functional problem, this button is just mislabeled.

I recall this was actually a bug that got fixed not that long ago, with the button labeled "View" or something. But apparently it's regressed.

This happens in all of our apps.

We're on Retool cloud Business Plan: v3.50.0-a6ac5e6 (Build 170246)

Hey @dguzzo, as you've hopefully noticed, this has been fixed. The fix went out on v 3.52. Thanks for flagging!

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I did notice, but I still appreciate the follow-up, Joe!

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