Dynamically updating values in table based on calculations

Hello, wondering if the following is possible

I have a table component in Retool with 6 fields populated from a bigquery view. I wanted to create 3 new fields. custom field 1 would be an input field, and custom field 2 would show a value based on calculations between custom field 1 (input field) and one of the fields pulled in from bigquery. Custom field 3 would then show the value based on calculations between another field pulled from bigquery, and custom field 2.

The challenge that I'm running into now is that my other custom fields aren't populating whenever I enter a value in the text input. currentrow.customfield always gives me an 'undefined' value. The formula I'm using for the calculation in one of the custom columns is:

{{currentRow.bqfield1 * currentRow.customfield1.value }}


Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your table and the three custom fields?

I have a similar situation

Quantity is pulled from my DB. The user enters a number into Job A and Job B. I want to calculate the subtotal. Eventually have a flag warning that the Jobs subtotals are more than the quantity on hand.