Dynamically set number of rows in a List element to length of rows returned by a query

As noted. Note I meant a List and not a table!

I'd like to have all rows displayed, up to a max of N specified in the query

So this helped with most of my issues. Create custom list views

very helpful guide. It should be linked with list view in the UI.

However I still dont know

  1. how to make it scrollable and query more results as I scroll
    • I saw layout -> fixed and overflow set to scroll, but I dont see anywhere for where to specify fixed length. I think this is only for within each component, but the scrollable feature is not there for the list itself?

Hi Tej ~ glad you made some progress!

So are you trying to implement a kind of "infinite scroll" pattern, that will make additional api calls as the user scrolls to the bottom?

If so, this is more of an advanced pattern to implement in Retool, and I believe it depends on how if/how your API or DB supports pagination. Can you share any detail there?

Hi Tej, any updates on your end?