Dynamically Display Multiple Google Drive Images

I need to inspect google drive URLs from within ReTool and locate the img src within a shareable link.

For example I have the following google drive link: pexels-umut-sarıalan-19785427.jpg - Google Drive

If I pass the shareable url as the image source:

I get this:

I managed to correct this by manually inspecting the URL using my browser and locating the img src URL:

If I insert that into the image source, it displays correctly:

The issue is that we have a number of images that we want to display within our app, so manually finding the source url for each image isn't really manageable.

Is there any way that I can inspect the HTML elements of each shareable URL to identify the img src from within ReTool?

My thoughts are if I can pull in an object that includes all elements I can then use JS to loop through until i find the image source that includes the file name

Hi @Chris_Coffee_94!

Thanks for you question. Google Drive itself isn't designed to be a direct image hosting service, but you can still use it to share images and get a link for them as you described. Unfortunately, there really isn't a better way to do that on google.

You may want to consider hosting on a different service like AWS S3 in the future. Best of luck!