Dynamic Option from API as user search in select

Hi, team is there any ready search component or any way to call REST API as a user search in a select component?


I am using listview (new) inside which I have select components for each record.

I want to search options from rest API as user start typing I will search that text using API and bind option in it. or any way to achieve this?

actully I have create on container that contain text input and a list box as user type I search using API and fill the box and put it inside a new list view . so refeancing each text box and getting each listvox selected value in the label inside the list box is getting more complex. please suggest the right path can I achieve using legacy listview if yes how ?

but when I try to access the text box value inside API it throws me this error
in new component


Hi @Manish_s,

The textInput might not render if it's nested within a modal in a ListView. However, here's a potential workaround:

  1. Create a new variable
  2. Create an event handler on change, set the variable value to textInput3.value
  3. Update the http query to search on the variable value instead of the textInput value

This variable can be referenced anywhere in the application, so you shouldn't encounter this error anymore.