Dynamic Navigation Menu

Is there a way to create a global object that header navigation menus can use?


const menuItems = [
      label: 'Dashboard',
      app: 'dashboard'
      label: 'Customers',
      app: 'customers'

Nevermind. I found the creating a module document :smile:

It is also possible to create global objects using preloaded JavaScript!

Modules are a great solution here though :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh that's nice too!

Can I make one suggestion to the Retool team?


For us, there is no benefit upgrading from the free version! And we feel bad! haha.

Maybe create a whole set of nice looking bootstrap data components and add them to a paid tier? Maybe a paid tier has some Creative Tim template components??

I don't know.... Retool is crazy impressive. It's hands down the easiest platform I have used. And I just spent 2 months trying over 20 of them!

No need to feel bad! We recently redesigned the free tier so that it would be more useful for folks. If you're getting all that you need out of the tier then that's great to hear :slightly_smiling_face:

We could definitely provide more materials to help people get started and build out better apps, it's something that the team is looking into adding, and your feedback around it is appreciated too!