Dynamic local multilevel sorting with SQL or SQL with JSON queries

This post ("Order by" not working for dynamic dropdown value (MySQL)) brought up the problem with not being able to dynamically sort a query, and it failed utterly when using SQL with JSON (alaSQL) query.

I found a solution that will work with any SQL query by using a transformer. Full credit goes to Ege Özcan from this post: javascript - Sort array of objects by string property value - Stack Overflow

Put the following code into your Scripts and Styles:

function dynamicSort(property) {
    var sortOrder = 1;
    if(property[0] === "-") {
        sortOrder = -1;
        property = property.substr(1);
    return function (a,b) {
        /* next line works with strings and numbers, 
         * and you may want to customize it to your needs
        var result = (a[property] < b[property]) ? -1 : (a[property] > b[property]) ? 1 : 0;
        return result * sortOrder;

function dynamicSortMultiple() {
     * save the arguments object as it will be overwritten
     * note that arguments object is an array-like object
     * consisting of the names of the properties to sort by
    var props = arguments;
    return function (obj1, obj2) {
        var i = 0, result = 0, numberOfProperties = props.length;
        /* try getting a different result from 0 (equal)
         * as long as we have extra properties to compare
        while(result === 0 && i < numberOfProperties) {
            result = dynamicSort(props[i])(obj1, obj2);
        return result;

This use the following in your query's transformer:

return data.sort(dynamicSort({{selSort1.selectedItem.value}}));
return data.sort(dynamicSortMultiple({{selSort1.selectedItem.value}}, {{selSort2.selectedItem.value}}));

dynamicSort does one level of sorting and dynamicSortMultiple does two. With a little work this can be extended to do more than two levels if you like.

The value you pass should be the exact property name ('venue_name') and if you want a reverse sort prepend a - ('-venue_name')