Dynamic Image Display based on Selection in Table

I'm trying to get {{table1.selectedRow.data.image_self}} to select an image URL saved in a Google Sheet row to display an image. I have tried hardcoding a URL from a google search and I have tried the URL given by google drive. Nothing works. Please help, what am I missing.

This might help you get closer to a solution

Hey @WingCo, happy to help! Could you share a screenshot of your left panel expanded out to show the table1.selectedRow.data as much as possible?

Hi @Jay here's the left panel.

Hey, thanks for that screenshot! I'm not seeing an image_self column in your selected row nor an image URL. From where are you trying to get this URL? Could you share screenshots of your full setup?

Another option is writing in via chat and permitting us to hop into your app and check things out. Let m know which you prefer so we can better help!