Dynamic Columns reordering doesn't work (New Table)

When I use the New Table, I can reorder the columns by dragging their header left or right.

However, when I select "use dynamic column settings" the reordering is broken.

It doesn't matter if pagination is enabled or disabled. I've tried setting the primary key and all sorts of tricks but this appears to be a bug and not something I can fix on my end.

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Hi @Greyson_Sawyer Thanks for this detailed report! This bug is in our queue to be fixed, so I'll reach back out here when it's no longer an issue

Thank you so much for taking a look at it!

I'm also experiencing this problem. Is there a way to disable reordering in the meantime, so my users don't break the columns? It makes it unusable.

Or is there at least a way to reset the columns upon refreshing the page so the broken columns don't stay broken? (resetting the source for the dynamic columns doesn't help)

Hi @Sam_Q,

Thanks for checking in. I don't think we have a great workaround here, but the bug report has been bumped internally (so hopefully, we'll have a fix soon!)

This should be fixed now on Cloud :pray:

It looks like the fix will ship to self hosted accounts on edge release 3.68.