Dynamic Columns in New table needs Documentation. Missing Features?

I don't see any documentation for the "Use Dynamic Colum Settings" for the new Table.


It is unclear how to use this, even after reading a few posts on this forum. Could we get some explanation on how to use this? I am currently using dynamic columns on the now "Legacy" table. My use case is I have multiple "Views" that I allow the end user to select from, and when selected, it not only dynamically hides the columns but also reorders them depending on the purpose of the view.

Previously, I simply gave the dynamic columns an array of column names, and it respected the order and the names and configured the table correctly.


Configuration of the columns in the Legacy Table, including colors, types, mapped values was all done in the normal field selection, with the caveat that you had to temporarily turn off "Dynamic Columns" in order to edit them.

I cannot get the new table to do this simple case. Am I missing something?

Hey @Highway20Productions! Thank you for the feedback here on our lack of documentation on the new Dynamic Column Settings feature. It's honestly not quite intuitive on the new Table component. We're working on both an official docs update and a how-to Community Post. Both coming soon. :slight_smile:

I have a similar issue, not having the dynamic option is a stopper to migrate to the new tables…

Definitely! I filed a few requests to make our dynamic column settings more usable and intuitive.

We also have some new official docs to try bridging the gap.

Please keep the feedback coming!

I'm liking the official docs, but there still missing information on using tags and avatars with dynamic columns and how to set the options. The example "Currency" format seems to have lots of options but Tags and Avatars only have Colour and image, no options data, captions, etc.

It would be so powerful to have this functionality.

Passed that feedback along, thank you!

I do see what you're seeing and assume that we might not support full dynamic column settings for certain column types, but I will update this thread if I find out otherwise.

On this note, 2 things. One, what is the variable called for "Number". Most of the other ones are just lowercase for that word, like "Currency" is "currency" and "BigInt" is "bigint" but "number" does not work.

AND, how do I dynamically change the background color on a dynamic column? For example, a column called "Profit" comes up, and I want it to be red when negative and green when positive.

Hi @szabon!

For your 1st question, are you curious about the Number column type? In what context are you referencing this column?

And for your 2nd question, would something like this be helpful? :slight_smile: