Dynamic column settings - Sorting/Names/Position

There are a few properties that I see are available on the table components but I can't seem to programmatically interact with, was wondering if there is a way to do this that I am missing. The column properties I want to interact with:

  • table.disableSorting - I want to programmatically set which columns to disable sorting on
  • table.columnHeaderNames - I want to programmatically map column header names to something different
  • Column position - I want to programmatically assign the position of a column in the table

I assume I should be able to do these in the dynamic column settings property (or in a JSQuery), but neither seems to be working for me.


an upvote here, especially for column names (labels), this is an essential feature to support which will make the tables look much nicer! but I see this in "how do I?", not as a feature request, let's create one

p.s. at the moment the order seems to depend on the order in the dataset (though JSON is technically an unordered set I noticed the order in which you specify the keys defines the order in the final table), at least if you visualize the result of a JS transformation. But I agree having the table respecting the order of its dynamic column settings array is much better!

Hey hassan and AlexYes! You are correct, it's not currently possible to do this in Retool. We are always looking to further improve the overall product and certain components. Would you mind posting this as a feature request on the community so that other users who are interested can chime in on this?

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thanks! I have added this one Column labels in dynamic settings