Duplicate values

Hello How can I avoid duplicate value entry in the table. I am using google sheets as my database. Can you help me with any query so that when it's triggered it will show that the value is already existing in the table

Hi @Am_fiddle, Can you share what value needs to be unique? I found this tutorial that shares one way for you to prevent duplicate values, but it doesn't prevent appending duplicate values with the Sheets API.\

To be honest, this sounds like a better use case for a database than Google Sheets. With a database, you could set unique constraints on your table columns that would prevent duplicates from being inserted. Would you be able to use a database instead?

I was looking into this question too. I ended up making an if then statement in a javascript query. You can build a test variable. If the intended value was a duplicate, it would display an error message. Else, it adds the value to the database. It's a viable work-around, it just creates an extra query, and a little more work.