Duplicate document S3 and edit content

Hi, I save the documents (invoices) to s3 with base64 and for example I want to cancel that invoice and when I cancel I want to duplicate that document and after that all values inside document to be negative with - before. I'm really stuck with it I don't know where to start

Welcome to the forum! What type of document is it?

is PDF document

OK well I have never done what you described so unfortunately I cannot provide help. I know that if you search the forum you may be able to find some more information. (i.e. - PDF Monkey)

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Hi @pekinese I haven't done something like this before, but it might be something you can accomplish with an external library in Retool :crossed_fingers:

This topic has some info about working with pdf libraries in Retool.

I haven't used this library, but I see it offers support for modifying pdfs