Dropdown type column cant fetch from query

I want to populate data from query in dropdown type column but there doesnt seem to be an option on that. Is there any alternative to create editable data where I can choose from dropdown?

Hi @Frieda!

You would be able to set the options to select in the “Values” input here, and an array of equal length for the “Labels” as human-readable display values if needed. That might look like {{query1.data.values}}, or {{query1.data.map(item=>item.values}} depending on your data structure.

The individual cell will select it’s value from that array, so for example if the table is loading a list of orders then the dropdown could be the status id. Then the values might be [1,2,3] and the labels [“In progress”,“canceled”,“done”]

yes, but everytime i type {{query1.data.values}}, it’s always red which means the dropdown column cant access the query

If you use code completion in that box you’ll see that the javascript scope there has access to almost nothing.