Dropdown that has 300,000 rows of records


I have a large dataset of about 300K rows of work orders.
May I know if there are any recommendations on what components to use? I cant find any option to use filter on demand for the drop down list.


The select component has a built in search function if the 300k rows are pre-populated from a query, it's under the interaction menu. You can choose case sensitive/insensitive/fuzzy matches

If you're after a way to trigger the query on-demand as the user starts to type into the select component then you'd probably want to link your query to the {{select1.inputValue}} property: e.g. something like select * from work_orders where title_field like {{'%'+select1.inputValue+'%'}}

Be aware that throttle and debounce might be needed, in which case you'll want to trigger the query from an event handler, rather than run it every time it changes (ie each keypress)


Thanks a lot for your help

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