Download JSON/CSV from REST API and set to table

I have the following query to a REST API:

The data is not in the response but rather points to the file. In JS we use csvData=response.text() to get the CSV formatted data from the fetch request. In ReTool, the preview panel has a handy button that allows to get, in json, the exact data we want, demonstrating Retool knows how to get to it.

The question is, how do we get to the JSON or CSV data and set it to a table?

Regards and long live ReTool!

Hey @dmnC, You should be able to reference the data and metadata with and AV_IPO_Calender.metadata respectively. I hope that helps!

Thanks for reminding me this was still open.

For the benefit of others,
here is how I managed to get my hands on the data and set it to a table:
{{Papa.parse(, {header:true}).data}}

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