Don't see "layout" for chart in inspector

I don't see a layout section in the Inspector for my chart component. I'm trying to customize the chart to follow this plotly stacked bar chart example: Bar charts in JavaScript

Does anyone have guidance?

if you're missing the Layout section right about Event Handlers there could be a couple reason why

  • you aren't actually using a chart component (the icon just to the left of 'chart1' in the pic above can help you figure out what it is.
  • something bugged, have you tried adding a new chart component to see if it has it or not?

can u add a picture of what ur Inspector looks like for you? be sure to draw over any sensitive info (u can just use MS Paint to make it easy)

  • When I hover over the Icon it says "PlotlyChart" (see screenshot)
  • Tried removing & re-adding to no avail

ah! in the Interaction section, select 'Plotly JSON' instead of 'UI Form'. that should change it so you see the Layout area.

Ah - thank you!

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dont forget to mark it as a Solution so others w a similar problem can easily find the answer =)

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