Don't make changes undone after pressing Save Changes

Current workflow for an editable table

  1. Edit a value in the table.
  2. Press Save Changes
  3. The changes are made undone.

Step 3 shouldn’t be in the workflow. More about this issue can be found here:

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@Nick not sure what you mean here?

When you make changes in an editable table the changes you have made are changed back to it original value when you hit ‘Save changes’.

existenz25 posted a video of this issue: Edit record (Table) using column Dropdown

I'm in need of the exact same thing. It's frustrating sometimes how Retool is inflexible for simple things like this. If you need any customization beyond the default then there's no way to achieve what you want, I simply want to include a custom free-text note for every update made thus I want to open a modal to let the user type that out, and there's no way to achieve that because it clears everything.

I have worked around it by hiding the "Save changes" button using CSS and using a separate button to handle the update manually. But now I want to add support for inserting new rows for the same table and just realized Retool made the poor decision of reusing the same button for inserts and updates.

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Hey @Nick & @rdsedmundo!

I definitely understand your use cases here and agree there should be an option to either clear the updated records or keep them after a "Save Changes" is clicked.

The default intended behavior here is for a query that updates your database to be connected to this Save Changes button. {{table.recordUpdates}} and {{table.newRow}} are cleared here to avoid confusion as to what these actual values are in your database. Typically after the updates are made with this attached bulk update query, the query to your DB is refreshed to show the added/updated entries.

The table component itself is fairly complex in its current state there are many changes that we are looking to make to it in an upcoming table rework. I will make sure to pass this feedback along to the team that is working on this so hopefully, this will be an option in this new version.

In the meantime, while we work on adding this feature, would using external buttons work for your use case?

Hi, @Chris-Thompson is there any news about this feature/issue?