- Looking for your suggestions and a little nudge in the right direction

Hello everyone.

Really enjoying Retool. Great software! I’m having some trouble trying to make the API’s work with Retool and I just can’t seem to figure it out.

After hours of trying I’m curious if anyone can offer a few quick suggestions?

Maybe you can suggest an easier way to accomplish this scenario?

I would like to be able to record audio from the browser microphone, then send it through the enhance API to create a wav base64 and save it into a retool database.

Should be simple to do but I can’t seem to configure to rest api to record the audio, enhance it, and save it.

A way to listen to the audio before saving would be ideal too. I just need a little push in the right direction. Any suggestions on how to use these api’s or even “web api” as well?

Glad you're enjoying Retool! I haven't tried this all the way through but here's some ideas.

  1. There's a microphone component. There's built in playback for preview purposes.
  2. You can add an upload button that's disabled when there's not a recording using something like disabled={{!microphone1.audioFile?.data}}
  3. Per Start Enhancing you'd need to upload the file somewhere. You could create an S3 resource and use Action type "Upload data" and Upload data of {{microphone1.audioFile?.data}}. You could then get where it was uploaded with {{}}
  4. You could then post the request to the Start Enhancing API endpoint
  5. You could then repeatedly ping the Get Enhance Results API endpoint to find out when the enhancing is done
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