Does not show values if no options are selected in multiselect

Good afternoon. I'm trying to figure out how filters work in this article
Retool Table Filter Tutorial for SQL Beginners (

When I try to use Multiselect ListBox or Multiselect, all values are not output if no parameter is selected.

Code for filter:
select *
from sample_transactions st
where ({{ !multiselectListbox2.value }}
or st.payment_type = any({{multiselectListbox2.value}}));

But if you select some parameter, then the filter works.

What i am doin wrong?

For a multiselect, the value when nothing is selected is [] (an empty array). This means that evaluating !multiselectListbox.value returns false:

You can use {{multiselectListbox.value.length == 0}} instead to allow for no selections to return all results.

Its works! thank you very much.