Does Embed Retool App support Custom Componenets

We are trying to embed a retool app into another website using this document Embed a web app with Retool Embed | Retool Docs

We do have custom components in the retool app and I wanted to confirm if we embed url will display the custom component as well in the website i am trying to embed app in


Hey Hakesh!

We do support custom components within Embedded apps, and most should work without any adjustments. However, your custom component will need to be resilient to being run inside of a doubly nested iframe (the embedded app is run inside of an iframe, and the custom component within that is run within a second iframe).

That's assuming you are using the v1 version, and not the new v2 version of custom components that is currently in beta. For v2 we don't support embedded apps yet.

Let me know if you run into any issues,


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How can i check if i am using v1 or v2 for custom components?

v2 is only in limited beta, so if you are not sure, you are almost certainly using v1.

Here's the documentation for v1 - Develop custom components | Retool Docs if that lines up with what you've been using - then you are using v1.

v2 involves developing code locally in your own development environment, and then deploying that to Retool.

Hello @dbyrd

Thank you, one last question for testing, how can i make sure if my custom component is suitable enough to run in doubly nested iframe

I think the best answer for that is just to test it in an embedded app.

It would be great to have this information documented in the custom components v2 article.

Great callout, @amilcarSanchez! Added a request for our docs team.