Does API requests go through my browser or Retool server?

I saw this question where the answer is - All requests are routed via Retool.

In my case, I've added Gmaps in Retool via Iframe. I've whitelisted * domain in Gmaps. When i saw this error message in console (RefererNotAllowedMapError) which says The current URL loading the Maps JavaScript API has not been added to the list of allowed referrers. Please check the referrer settings of your API key in the Cloud Console.

I looked into browser Network tab and indeed the request is made from my browser which will get blocked since i have added rule and only accept requests from *

May be this is because of Iframe and will i have this issue if i use a Custom Component in Retool for Gmaps?

Hi @ltfrupdt

The routing you are referring to, is related to API calls only.

What you're doing is using an iFrame and that code is client-only and all connections will be from client to Google.
BTW it should work as well, because your Retool application is under referrer.

Different is if are you using a Custom Component, in this case, the referred URL would be

Hope this help.

I'm not using Iframe this time but added Gmaps via Resources. I've added both .* and * in Gmaps under Allowed webostes/origins. Still requests from retool can't go through. Are there other hosts that we're missing?