Does anyone else find these obnoxious?

Once in a while, these things are helpful, but mostly they are driving me crazy. They cover up all the information that I need to see, and I already know all this. I have to keep moving and moving and moving my cursor and mouse to reveal what I need.


I'd appreciate some way to close it from the keyboard (esc?) and possibly a set of toggles in the account settings to decide which tips to show. Sometimes I find the Retool function tooltips handy but I don't really want the JS tips there, for example.

Someway to close it is an interesting idea, I would +1 that as it does overlay right on top of what you are working on sometimes, and it's like... I just haven't finished typing get outta here!

That being said I do appreciate the tooltip like 20-50% of the time so I'm a bit torn... that's why I like the idea of escaping the comment manually rather than disabling it.

Hey everyone! Thanks for the feedback here :grin:. I've added a feature request to be able to close these informational popups with a keyboard shortcut or esc key. Will update this topic when I have any additional information to share.

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