DocuSign Integration: How to Use 0Auth2.0 & Template/Envelope Requests? (Contract Dashboard App Tutorial)

Hey guys!

Excited to share our new tutorial up on How to integrate DocuSign into your Retool workflows! In this tutorial, we walk through the tricky 0Auth2.0 authorization and how to set up your first DocuSign GET requests to pull in templates and envelopes from your DocuSign account.

If you want to follow through the entire tutorial (should take about an hour), you'll end up with a snazzy app that allows you to pull in contracts from your DocuSign account according to the client you have selected in Retool, and preview all documents in the PDF viewer component.

Here's what the final app looks like:


Hope this is useful for those of you looking to integrate signatures and signed documents into your Retool workflows! Let us know in the comments if you're looking for more DocuSign integrations (creating envelopes, editing contracts, signing workflows etc) and we'll get some more tutorials up!

Sophie :sunny:
Bold Tech team