Document Scraping?

Has anyone tested doc scraping through retool? I'm not sure about APIs but would like to use Javascript if possible; PDF.js doesn't really have clear documentation to follow so any recommendations or advice appreciated!

I'm considering trying out PDFKit at work next week. I just took a look at the documentation and it looks really well detailed.

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Please do let me know if you are able to get it to work - I'll keep you in the loop as well!

Chiming back in to confirm that for now this is still something that can only be handled via creating a custom component and/or using a third party library.

We've seen interest in this from customers over time, and have been tracking a feature request internally for something like a "PDF parser" component to, for example, parse text from a PDF and return text/JSON. If I'm understanding the above use case right, if implemented, that feature could potentially address this request!

I'll move this to our Feature Request category so others can follow along/chime in with interest in this feature for our product team's consideration.