Do the Workflow Run limits apply when self-hosting?

Otherwise it's kind of a deal-breaker, the limit would be quickly reached when reusing workflows inside one another, which is necessary to to organize any serious codebase properly.

It also makes it very difficult to apply to the common use-case of using workflows to handle long real-time data-streams. I'm fine with paying a significant monthly fee, but $75 per 5K runs is extremely limiting for much of what we want to do with it, it's just infeasible.

Hello @Oersted!

Let me check with out workflows and billing team to answer this and see what we can do. What version is your self hosted and what plan is your org currently on?

Workflows’ run-based pricing is applied the same way for both cloud and self-hosted deployments—the cloud vs. self-host toggle on the pricing page should reflect that.

I am curious about your use case for reusing workflows inside one another, is this being done because of a memory limitation issue?

Yeah, deal breaker.
My requirement is that I am doing a barcode scanning app that scans the inventory. There will be 1000s of the products we scan a daily basis (for various reasons, price checks, ordering etc). 5000 limit will reach within few days.
Why would a self-hosted option will have any limits?

@skgali I am sorry to hear that.

The only way to get the workflow limit higher would be to upgrade to the next plan level.

We might be able to help you find a potential work around for your use case. Ideally you shouldn't need to run a workflow per bar code scan

. We have other users that use Retool app's to run a query on bar code scan, which then can be chained together with other queries using the 'On Success' handler.

Our prices are very competitive compared to other similar service providers on the market (Let me know if you do find a cheaper competitor!). I've shared this feedback on our workflows pricing model internally with the team.

For the question on why self-hosted has limits, our pricing model and tier plans are set to reflect our needs for continuing to produce tools for people to use :sweat_smile: