Displaying private images from GCP Bucket


I have a GCP Cloud Storage bucket. I am trying to display those images in a ListView. I have followed the Connect to Google Cloud Storage | Retool Docs instructions and I can list the files. If the files are public, it is very easy to display them in the ListView.

But if they are private, I need to download the contents to be able to display them. I have created a query to download the file contents. But the contents come in Base64. I don't know how to display them (I read Display images | Retool Docs) and how to hook that each item in the ListView triggers a query (with a param) to download the contents of the file.

Any one has built something similar? On S3?

Hi @ilbambino Apologies for the delay here! It sounds like you may be able to use a data url with the base64 results :thinking:

something like this:
data:image/png;base64,{{query.data.base64Binary}}, modified to reflect your specific query results & the i index of the listView

Here's a single image component example: